WHO, Public Health Experts Call For Action To Address Emerging Disease Threats

International Business Times: How To Stop The Next Ebola Epidemic: Invest In Basic Public Health, Not Just Vaccines, Experts Say
“…[P]ublic health experts say that [vaccine research and development] efforts, while important, are overshadowing less glamorous but equally vital work, like creating basic health care infrastructure that could go much further in staving off future outbreaks, not just of Ebola but of other diseases as well. Yet these crucial, if mundane, tasks have long failed to attract the same attention and financial support from the organizations and donors that are so influential in global health today…” (Whitman, 1/23).

VOA News: WHO Calls for Action to Tackle Threat of Emerging Diseases
“The director general of the World Health Organization, Margaret Chan, is calling for rapid action to tackle the growing threat of emerging diseases. At the opening of the agency’s week-long Executive Committee session, the WHO chief warned some major global health threats will demand urgent, collaborative action in the months ahead…” (Schlein, 1/25).