WHO, President Obama, Politicians Urge U.S. Parents To Vaccinate Children Amid Measles Outbreak

Reuters: U.S. leaders, 2016 hopefuls back inoculations amid debate
“U.S. congressional leaders and several possible 2016 presidential hopefuls said on Tuesday all children should be vaccinated, joining a debate that has become a national flashpoint as a measles outbreak rekindles a discussion on parents’ right to forgo inoculation of their children…” (Stephenson, 2/3).

TODAY: President Obama on measles: ‘You should get your kids vaccinated’
“In a wide-ranging exclusive interview, President Barack Obama tells TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie parents have ‘every reason’ to get their children immunized against measles and zero reasons against it…” (Kim, 2/2).

U.N. News Centre: Amid U.S. measles outbreak, U.N. health agency urges parents to vaccinate children
“Parents in the United States must vaccinate their children against measles in order to maintain the high levels of immunity necessary in keeping outbreaks of the aggressively contagious virus small and contained, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) announced [Tuesday]…” (2/3).

Washington Post: Map: 113 countries have higher measles immunization rates than the U.S. for 1-year-olds
“What do Libya, Russia, China, Zimbabwe, and Iran have in common? According to the World Health Organization, they have a higher measles immunization coverage among 1-year-olds than the United States. And, as this interactive map shows, they are far from alone…” (Noack, 2/3).