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WHO Official Speaks About Importance Of Clean Cooking Alternatives

Deutsche Welle interviews Maria Neira, director of public health and environment at the WHO, about the push for clean cooking alternatives. “Almost half of the world’s population is still cooking like in the Stone Age,” Neira said, adding, “Everybody has the right to access clean energy to cook, to heat their house, to have a proper life, to have light as well, and it’s not the case at the moment.” She added, “I think that by providing access to clean energy at the household level, we will also provide the opportunity for girls to use their time going to school. They won’t be as vulnerable to violence as they collect the wood, they will have a dignified way to cook. Safe water and safe energy and the right to have clean air to breathe every day should be a major determinant of our health — we need to fight for it” (Coehlo, 6/27).