WHO Observes World Vaccination Week

Media outlets discuss World Immunization Week, which takes place from April 24-30 this year.

U.N. News Centre: Kicking off annual global immunization campaign, U.N. asks: ‘Are you up to date?’
“While some 80 percent of children around the world, or 110 million infants, are receiving life-saving vaccinations each year, ‘one in five — more than 22 million children — not being vaccinated is too much for us,’ according to the World Health Organization at the start of World Immunization Week 2014…” (4/24).

VOA News: Success of Immunizations Becomes Its Weakness
“The World Health Organization is urging adults to get their children immunized against deadly and debilitating diseases, and to make sure their own immunizations are up to date…” (Pearson, 4/25).