WHO Guidelines Aim To Reduce Global Number Of Opioid Overdose Deaths

News outlets report on new WHO guidelines aimed at reducing the number of opioid overdose deaths worldwide.

U.N. News Centre: Opioid overdose claims 70,000 lives each year — U.N. health agency
“The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) released new guidelines [Tuesday] aimed at reducing the number deaths related to opioid overdose covering a range of drugs — from morphine and heroin to painkillers such as oxycodone — that claim nearly 70,000 lives each year. The guidelines recommend expanding access of the inexpensive medication naloxone, ‘which can completely reverse the effects of opioid overdose and prevent deaths due to opioid overdose’…” (11/4).

Reuters: WHO recommends naloxone to prevent 20,000 overdose deaths in U.S.
“More than 20,000 deaths might be prevented every year in the United States alone if naloxone, used to counter drug overdoses, was more widely available, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday…” (Miles/Kelland, 11/4).