WHO Experts Back Dose Cut In Yellow Fever Vaccine To Stretch Supplies; Disease Continues To Spread In Angola, DRC

The Lancet: Yellow fever continues to spread in Angola
“Although an emergency meeting of health experts last month stopped short of calling the yellow fever outbreak in Angola a global public health emergency, humanitarian groups on the ground warn the epidemic is still far from over. Even as the number of newly reported cases declines, the disease continues to spread. If it reaches areas with low vaccination coverage, the outbreak could flare up again…” (Green, 6/18).

Reuters: WHO backs cut in yellow fever vaccine dose to eke out supplies
“World Health Organization advisers have recommended using a fifth of the standard dose of yellow fever vaccine in the event of a global shortage to combat the worst outbreak of the deadly disease in decades. Fears of a widening outbreak of the mosquito-borne disease were fueled this week by a spike in cases in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which now says it has seen more than 1,000 suspected cases since March…” (Nebehay/Hirschler, 6/17).

Reuters: More than 1,000 suspect cases of yellow fever in DR Congo: WHO
“The Democratic Republic of the Congo has reported 1,044 suspected cases of yellow fever since March, including 71 deaths, up from three probable cases and 57 laboratory-confirmed a week ago, the World Health Organization said on Thursday…” (Nebehay, 6/16).