WHO Calls For Careful Use Of Antibiotics, Collaborative Research To Develop New Drugs

The Guardian: How to stop antibiotic resistance? Here’s a World Health Organization prescription
Marc Sprenger, director of the WHO’s secretariat for antimicrobial resistance

“…[W]e are speeding up the process [of drug¬†resistance] dramatically by using antibiotics too much and often in the wrong contexts. We need to slow down the development and spread of resistance so that the antibiotics we have continue to work for as long as possible. We also urgently need to devote more resources to the research and development of new antibiotics. … [I]t is clear that a new, more global approach is needed. The WHO global action plan on antimicrobial resistance calls for the creation of new partnerships to foster the development of antibiotics. The WHO and the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative are working on the creation of a global antibiotic research and development facility that will collaborate closely with the pharmaceutical industry, universities, civil society, and health authorities worldwide. The partnership will also ensure that new drugs are affordable for all and embed the need for conservation of new antibiotics in the development process…” (11/20).