WHO Announces Formation Of Independent Panel To Assess Agency’s Ebola Response

Associated Press: WHO creates independent panel to assess its Ebola response
“The World Health Organization says it has created a panel of independent experts to assess its response to the biggest-ever Ebola outbreak in history. … The panel will be chaired by Barbara Stocking, a former chief executive of Oxfam GB. A preliminary report is due in May…” (3/10).

The Hill: WHO charges independent panel to examine Ebola response
“…The independent panel will spend the next two months questioning ‘all aspects’ of the WHO’s efforts to fight Ebola in West Africa, according to a release on Tuesday…” (Ferris, 3/10).

Reuters: WHO Seeks Assessment of Its Ebola Response
“…The Geneva-based United Nations health agency was sharply criticized for failing to heed repeated warnings by the medical charity Médecins Sans Frontieres in the early days of the epidemic, which quickly grew to become the largest in history…” (3/10).