WHO Announces Decision To Develop New Essentials Diagnostics List To Complement Existing Essential Medicines List

WHO: WHO to develop Essential Diagnostics List
“The 20th WHO Model List of Essential Medicines was published on 6 June this year, with a number of important new additions, including a recommendation by the Expert Committee on the Selection of Essential Medicines that WHO develop an Essential Diagnostics List (EDL). Based on that recommendation, WHO has begun to lay the ground for the preparation of the list, which will become an important contribution to Universal Health Coverage (UHC)…” (6/15).

Global Health Technologies Coalition: GHTC welcomes creation of WHO Essential Diagnostics List
“…This decision by WHO follows a global advocacy campaign led by researchers at McGill University, University of Michigan, [Global Health Technologies Coalition (GHTC)], FIND, and other organizations, urging WHO to establish an EDL to complement the existing [Essential Medicines List (EML)] and guide countries in procuring diagnostics needed to enable safe and appropriate use of medicines on the EML…” (6/15).