WFP Warns Global Temperature Increase Would Negatively Impact Food Security, As COP21 Focuses On Sustainable Agriculture

The Guardian: Climate talks: 4C rise will have dire effect on world hunger, U.N. warns
“El Niños, climate change, and increasing conflict linked to prolonged droughts and extreme weather are leaving the world unable to cope with the food needs of millions of people, the World Food Programme (WFP) has warned. The U.N. agency, which last year appealed for $8.5bn from governments to provide food aid to people in 80 or more countries but only received $5.5bn, said donors had never been more generous but that the challenges were now outpacing available funds…” (Vidal, 12/1).

The Guardian: Nine ways to improve nutrition and tackle climate change
“How should we deal with the serious threat climate change poses to nutrition and food security? Our panel of experts have their say…” (Young, 12/1).

U.N. News Centre: COP21: U.N. spotlights need to protect forests and agriculture to improve livelihoods, feed the world
“The impacts of climate change on forests and agriculture were in the spotlight [Tuesday] at the United Nations climate change conference (COP21), as new alliances among organizations and stakeholders were announced aiming to eliminate natural deforestation and forest degradation, and to prevent threats to sustainable farming and people’s livelihoods…” (12/1).