West African Nations Set Target To Achieve Zero New Ebola Cases Within 60 Days

Agence France-Presse: Ebola-hit nations pledge to eradicate virus in 60 days
“The leaders of the countries devastated by the West African Ebola outbreak vowed at a summit in Guinea on Sunday to eradicate the virus by mid-April…” (Bah, 2/15).

Reuters: Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia target zero new Ebola cases in 60 days
“… ‘The heads of state and the governments of the Mano River Union recognize the effort deployed by the states and the international community which has led to a decline in Ebola. They want to achieve zero new Ebola cases in 60 days from 15th Feb. 2015,’ Guinea’s presidency said in a statement…” (Samb, 2/16).