Washington Post Discusses Presidential Candidate Joe Biden’s Experience Addressing Health, Economic Crises During Obama Administration

Washington Post: Joe Biden pitches himself as the ‘been there, done that’ candidate as economic and health crises dominate the presidential race
“…A review of the eight years Biden spent in the Obama administration, and interviews with nearly a dozen of those involved, showed that in moments of crisis Biden was relentless and enmeshed in the details. He could be sober and empathetic, but also prone to verbal miscues that other officials had to quickly clarify. He was less the originator of policies than the hammer to drive them into being. The cauldron of those crises formed Biden’s outlook on the current ones. … More than anything, Biden is offering himself as the antithesis to Trump, a candidate who as president would delve into the details, defer to the experts, and wrestle the full weight of the government to pursue his goals…” (Viser/Wootson, 4/16).