War-Torn Yemen Faces Famine, Tries To Stave Off Cholera Comeback

New York Times: The Tragedy of Saudi Arabia’s War
“…The devastating war in Yemen has gotten more attention recently as outrage over the killing of a Saudi dissident in Istanbul has turned a spotlight on Saudi actions elsewhere. The harshest criticism of the Saudi-led war has focused on the airstrikes that have killed thousands of civilians at weddings, funerals, and on school buses, aided by American-supplied bombs and intelligence. But aid experts and United Nations officials say a more insidious form of warfare is also being waged in Yemen, an economic war that is exacting a far greater toll on civilians and now risks tipping the country into a famine of catastrophic proportions…” (Walsh/Hicks, 10/26).

Xinhua News: Feature: Yemen launches door-to-door vaccination campaign to fight cholera’s comeback
“A large oral vaccination campaign against cholera was launched on Saturday by Yemeni authorities in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) in the southern port city of Aden, in an attempt to fight the recent comeback of the epidemic. The second phase of the anti-cholera campaign targeted five districts in Aden Province where the Yemeni government is temporarily based…” (Abdu, 10/28).