War-Torn Somalia Continues To Face Food Insecurity; U.S. Remittance Bans May Exacerbate Hunger Problems, Aid Groups Say

VOA News: Somalis, After 2 Famines, Still Face Food Insecurity
“After decades of conflict, experts say that the humanitarian crisis in Somalia remains among the worst in the world. Three million people need aid, says Philippe Lazzarini, the United Nations humanitarian coordinator for the country. Of these, ‘740,000 Somalis still face acute insecurity, while an additional 2.3 million are at risk of sliding back into the same situation’…” (Billow, 3/24).

VOA News: Remittance Cuts a Threat to Somalia’s Food Security
“Aid groups say remittances from abroad are key to food security in Somalia, and that an American bank’s recent decision to bar money transfers into the country could have disastrous effects. The move, apparently required by U.S. anti-terrorism measures, could contribute to making Somalia’s hunger problems even worse…” (Heuler, 3/24).