W. Africa Struggles To Contain Ebola; Liberian President Warns Of Prosecution For Hiding Patients

News outlets continue coverage on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, as governments and health ministries try to contain the disease.

Reuters: Fear, suspicion undermine West Africa’s battle against Ebola
“…With West Africa facing the deadliest Ebola outbreak ever, with 400 dead so far … fear and mistrust is driving dozens of victims to evade treatment, frustrating foreign and local doctors trying to contain the epidemic. The outbreak in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia has left some of the world’s poorest states, with porous borders and weak health systems undermined by war and misrule, grappling with one of the most lethal and contagious diseases on the planet…” (Fofana, 6/30).

Associated Press: Liberia vows prosecution for hiding Ebola patients
“Liberia’s president warned Monday that anyone caught hiding suspected Ebola patients will be prosecuted…” (Raye-Layleh, 6/30).