Vox Examines PEPFAR’s History, Impact, Reauthorization

Vox: Trump signed a good law this week. Yes, really.
“On Tuesday, something odd happened in Washington: A bill became a law. It passed by unanimous consent in the Senate and voice vote in the House (typically taken when a measure faces no significant opposition), and was signed by President Donald Trump. … The bill reauthorized PEPFAR — the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief — through 2023. PEPFAR provides billions in annual funding and technical support for antiretroviral treatment, HIV-preventing male circumcisions, and other efforts to treat and prevent HIV. … Shockingly, PEPFAR is a major government program that is mostly uncontroversial. … ‘Bipartisanship is not dead,’ Jennifer Kates, the vice president and director for Global Health and HIV Policy at the Kaiser Family Foundation, told me…” (Matthews, 12/12).