Volunteers Led By Kushner To Procure PPE, Other Pandemic Supplies Inexperienced, Poorly Matched To Tasks, Whistleblower Complaint Claims

New York Times: How Kushner’s Volunteer Force Led a Fumbling Hunt for Medical Supplies
“…The fumbling search for new supplies — heralded by Mr. Trump and [Jared] Kushner as a way to pipe private-sector hustle and accountability into the hidebound federal bureaucracy — became a case study of Mr. Trump’s style of governing, in which personal relationships and loyalty are often prized over governmental expertise, and private interests are granted extraordinary access and deference. … Records and emails obtained by the Times — along with interviews with current and former FEMA officials, former task force volunteers, and others briefed on the agency’s work — provide the most detailed picture yet of how the Kushner-installed personnel complicated the government response amid a deadly crisis…” (Confessore et al., 5/5).

Washington Post: Kushner coronavirus effort said to be hampered by inexperienced volunteers
“…Although some of the volunteers have relevant backgrounds and experience, many others were poorly matched with their assigned jobs, including those given the task of securing personal protective equipment (PPE) for hospitals nationwide, according to a complaint filed last month with the House Oversight Committee. … The complaint, obtained by the Washington Post, was submitted by a volunteer who has since left the group and who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution from the administration. Key elements of the complaint were confirmed by six administration officials and one outside adviser to the effort, many of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations…” (Abutaleb et al., 5/5).