VOA News, MSNBC Look At Food Security

VOA News looks at the relationship between food security and trade barriers. “The Global Harvest Initiative says improving food and agricultural trade flows in the coming decades will help counter the effects of changing weather patterns, population shifts and limited natural resources,” VOA News writes. Katrin Kuhlman – director of TransFarm Africa, which is a member of the Global Harvest Initiative – “said dropping trade barriers opens markets and gives farmers more incentives to produce.” The article highlights the challenges that can arise when negotiating trade deals and examines the role developing countries should play in the global discussions (DeCapua, 5/16).

MSNBC writes about four new members of the Board for International Food and Agricultural Development (BIFAD), a panel appointed by the president that advises USAID on global food security issues and the role of higher education in international agricultural development. The new members will “join three continuing members at the board’s meeting June 24 in Washington.” The article looks at BIFAD members’ experience and features comments about their appointments (Gold, 5/17).