Vice President Biden Begins U.S.-Led Effort To Find Cancer Cures

The Hill: Biden kicks off anti-cancer push
“Vice President Joe Biden began his post-State of the Union push on cancer research Friday in Philadelphia, saying he plans on leading anti-cancer efforts for ‘the rest of my life.’ President Obama will soon announce a presidential memorandum allowing Biden to convene a task force in his push to speed up progress in the fight against cancer, the vice president said…” (Sullivan, 1/15).

POLITICO: Biden launches moon shot for a cancer cure
“…Biden plans to discuss cancer with international researchers at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, next week. Later this month he’ll hold the ‘first of several meetings’ with Cabinet heads and agency officials to discuss how the federal government can play a bigger role…” (Wheaton/Karlin, 1/15).