Venezuelan Government Should Allow NGOs To Restore Access To Food, Medicines In Country

The Lancet: Venezuela: food and medicines used as weapons
Editorial Board

“…Those living without access to food and medicine display the reality of an unprecedented humanitarian emergency in [Venezuela]. On June 7, the U.N. stated that more than 4 million people have already left Venezuela, while a further 7 million need humanitarian assistance. [Venezuelan President Nicolás] Maduro’s strategy in the face of such a catastrophe includes the control of food production and distribution, and subsidizing food handouts as a political weapon. He also controls international humanitarian help, which he considers a threat to his personal authority. … The safest way to ensure that international assistance can reach Venezuelans is by using national non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as operators in the field, which, despite their small capacity, can be more transparent about how aid is being distributed and managed. The sovereignty of a country should be respected but can never be used to justify the use of humanitarian aid as a weapon. We call on the Venezuelan government to let NGOs restore access to food and medicines” (6/15).