Use Of Rapid, Finger-Prick Blood Test To Diagnose Ebola Examined In Field Validation Study

News outlets report on the results of a study published in The Lancet on rapid diagnostic testing for Ebola.

Science Magazine: Fingerprick test quickly diagnoses Ebola
“As the Ebola outbreak simmers on in West Africa, researchers have shown the utility of a rapid test for the virus that could help contain another epidemic. The ReEBOV test, which needs only a fingerprick of blood and gives results in about 15 minutes, was granted Emergency Use Authorization by the World Health Organization (WHO) in February, based on laboratory assessments. Now, data collected from ReEBOV’s use on the ground in Africa have added further evidence of its accuracy…” (Williams, 6/25).

Washington Post: Finger-prick, blood test for Ebola takes just minutes
“…The development of the rapid diagnostic test, reported in The Lancet Thursday, represents a significant victory for scientists around the world who have been experimenting over the past year with all manner of vaccines, treatments and other ways of eradicating the virus…” (Cha, 6/26).