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USAID Working With Angola To Implement New HIV Treatment Guidelines

Noting the release of new WHO HIV treatment guidelines that “pave the way toward lifelong treatment for all pregnant and breastfeeding women with HIV, regardless of CD4 count or clinical stage,” B. Ryan Phelps, medical officer for PMTCT and pediatric HIV in USAID’s Office of HIV/AIDS, and Melanie Tam, PMTCT intern with the office, write in USAID’s “IMPACTblog” about how Angola, “with support from PEPFAR, USAID Angola and USAID’s partner, ForcaSaude, has begun preparing for the transition to universal treatment.” They continue, “[T]hese new guidelines are the product of over a year of work with dozens of global partners, including USAID. They represent the first-ever consolidated global HIV guidelines, incorporating all age groups, several life-preserving interventions, as well as specific, practical programmatic guidance. And for the first time, these guidelines provide an option for universal, lifelong treatment of pregnant mothers who test HIV-positive” (7/11).