USAID Program Supports Zimbabwean Farmers To Grow Crops, Sell Surpluses To WFP For Fellow Citizens

USAID/Medium: Zimbabweans Feeding Zimbabweans
Doreen Hove, a development outreach and communications specialist with USAID’s mission in Zimbabwe, discusses the USAID’s Enhancing Nutrition, Stepping Up Resilience and Enterprise (ENSURE) project in the country. Farmers who participate in the program receive education and support to grow drought-resistant crops, and then are able to sell their surplus harvests to the World Food Programme. Hove writes, “These farmers were unable to meet their household food needs and were long-term recipients of humanitarian assistance before the ENSURE project began in 2013. They celebrate on this day because they are now able to meet their own food needs and sell the surplus, making an income while feeding fellow Zimbabweans in food insecure areas…” (4/16).