USAID Helping Maximize Value Of Development Aid Through Pledge Guarantee For Health

Noting the approach of the Millennium Development Goals’ 2015 deadline, Ariel Pablos-Méndez, assistant administrator for global health at USAID, writes in the agency’s “IMPACTblog” about the Pledge Guarantee for Health (PGH), an “innovative tool that can help speed the delivery of critical health commodities by six to eight months.” He discusses USAID’s involvement in the program and notes, “PGH provides countries with working capital to help smooth over any delays in donor aid disbursements, giving them time to plan their procurements.” Pablos-Méndez concludes, “We are committed to working with our partners in the international development, financing, and supplier communities to ensure that we maximize the value of every dollar spent, ending preventable maternal and child deaths and changing the face of poverty forever” (7/9).