USAID Fact Sheets Provide Overview Of U.S. Global Health Efforts In Liberia

USAID: Global Health Security Agenda Program
This fact sheet provides an overview of the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) and its efforts in Liberia, noting, “In Liberia, GHSA supports a multi-sector coordination mechanism for sampling and testing animals; builds capacity of animal health professionals for risk-based epidemiology and response; and implements behavior change communications to influence risky behaviors” (2/19).

USAID: Health Commodity Logistics Management
This fact sheet provides an overview of USAID’s efforts to help strengthen the management of Liberia’s Health Commodity Logistics Management System through technical assistance, noting, “USAID’s assistance is focused on improving commodity forecasting, ordering, storage, distribution, and monitoring of medicines and other health commodities” (2/19).

USAID: Strengthening M-Hero in Liberia Activity
This fact sheet provides an overview of USAID’s m-health efforts “to address the communication and information sharing gaps between health officials and frontline health workers” during the Ebola outbreak in Liberia (2/19).