USAID Blog Profiles Birth Attendant Working In South Sudan Since 1997

In a post in USAID’s “IMPACTblog,” Victor Lugala, development outreach and communications specialist in South Sudan, reports from the field about 38-year-old Mary Konyo, a mother of nine and a traditional birth attendant since 1997, noting Konyo “has helped 23 women deliver children safely women in the last 16 years.” Lugala writes, “In recognition of her community work, Konyo was among a few women nominated from her community to attend a USAID-funded workshop on reducing [postpartum hemorrhage (PPH)].” At the workshop, “participants gained knowledge and skills to help them talk with their communities about the importance of using misoprostol — a medicine that can prevent severe bleeding — to prevent PPH,” Lugala notes (8/5).