USAID Acting Administrator Barsa Releases Statement On Retirement Of Admiral Timothy Ziemer

USAID: Statement from USAID Acting Administrator John Barsa on the Retirement of Admiral R. Timothy Ziemer
In a statement, USAID Acting Administrator John Barsa said of Admiral Tim Ziemer’s announced retirement, “The indefatigable Rear Admiral Timothy Ziemer is leaving public life after having served his country and ten presidents over 52 years. … No words can truly express the gratitude I, and so many others have for Tim’s decades of public service and sacrifice. A true leader, more than his words, his repeated actions and demonstrations of grit, determination, and moral courage have provided shining examples for so many on what true leadership and service to country really means. All of us will miss Tim’s counsel and his seemingly inexhaustible reservoir of wisdom and sage advice…” (5/6).