Unwavering Political Commitment Vital To Continued Progress Against Malaria

The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Securing gains against malaria in uncertain times
Editorial Board

“…Despite the striking achievements [against malaria] so far, this is not the time for wavering political commitment — a risk given recent events. The outcome of the U.S. presidential election has created some nervousness about the future position of the USA on malaria. However, as noted in this month’s Newsdesk, president-elect Trump did single-out malaria as a global health issue that deserved support during his campaign. Statements made in the white heat of a presidential campaign cannot … be considered government policy; however, support for malaria through the President’s Malaria Initiative continues to be viewed favorably across the U.S. political spectrum and, given the program has its origins in the earlier Republican administration of George W. Bush, there is a chance any reneging on this commitment would be unpopular within the president-elect’s own party. … The burden of malaria means there is still an enormous task ahead, but, equally, progress made so far shows that there are grounds for optimism. We can add to that the hope that recent geopolitical changes will not undermine progress in controlling malaria, particularly if it is made clear that turning the clock back on malaria will be a danger for the world — the USA included — not just, as portrayed by some, far flung foreign lands” (January 2017).