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UNICEF Executive Director Discusses Need For Commodities Market For Life-Saving Medicines

In this Forbes interview, Rahim Kanani of the Skoll World Forum speaks with UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake about reducing child mortality and the need for a commodities market to improve access to medicines and health care. Lake said, “By increasing access to 13 overlooked life-saving medicines and health supplies, caregivers — including health workers — will have a better chance to reach the women and children in greatest need. This isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s the smart thing to do. The economics are compelling,” according to the interview transcript. Noting the steep decline in child deaths over the past 30 years, Lake said, “Now on the cusp of great change and even greater results, we must work ever more with the private and public sectors to innovate and develop new products and new uses for existing technologies,” Forbes notes (1/7).