UNAIDS, UNDP Call For Removal Of All Forms Of HIV-Related Travel Restrictions

UNAIDS: UNAIDS and UNDP call on 48* countries and territories to remove all HIV-related travel restrictions
“UNAIDS and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are urging countries to keep the promises made in the 2016 United Nations Political Declaration on Ending AIDS to remove all forms of HIV-related travel restrictions. Travel restrictions based on real or perceived HIV status are discriminatory, prevent people from accessing HIV services, and propagate stigma and discrimination. … Out of the 48 countries and territories that maintain restrictions, at least 30 still impose bans on entry or stay and residence based on HIV status and 19 deport non-nationals on the grounds of their HIV status. Other countries and territories may require an HIV test or diagnosis as a requirement for a study, work, or entry visa…”(6/27).

UNAIDS: Deported, denied access, discriminated against because of their HIV status
This feature story highlights personal accounts of people who have been affected by HIV-related travel restrictions and were deported to their home countries because of their HIV status (6/27).