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UNAIDS Leader Should Be Held To Account, Resign For Reportedly Mishandling Issue Of Sexual Harassment Within Agency

Al Jazeera: It’s time for the head of UNAIDS to resign
Sisonke Msimang, author and political commentator

“On May 11, United Nations Secretary General António Guterres came out in support of Michel Sidibé, the head of UNAIDS, who many argue has mishandled the issue of sexual harassment within his agency. Unfortunately, as the momentum around #MeToo grows, the leadership of the U.N. seems stuck in the past. It is evident that beyond perpetrators, it is leaders who must now be held to account. … In order for the culture of impunity surrounding harassment and violence in the workplace to end, this needs to change and bigger heads need to roll. … The world is changing and if the U.N. wants to change with it, men like [Luiz Loures, former deputy director of UNAIDS who was accused of sexual harassment,] will need to face the consequences of their behavior. Men like Mr. Sidibé will also need to pay the price for institutional complicity” (5/17).