UNAIDS Dismisses Two Staffers After Investigation Into Sexual, Financial Misconduct; One Claims Action Is Retaliation For Sexual Assault Allegations

AP: U.N. AIDS agency fires whistleblower after misconduct probe
“The United Nations’ AIDS agency has fired two staffers for financial and sexual misconduct, including a whistleblower whose allegations of being sexually assaulted sparked months of turmoil at the organization. Last March, Martina Brostrom publicly accused a senior UNAIDS director of forcibly kissing her and trying to drag her out of a Bangkok elevator in 2015. She also said he had sexually harassed her on other occasions…” (Cheng, 12/17).

CNN: U.N. worker who accused official of sexual assault has been fired
“…Reached for comment, UNAIDS did not confirm the firing of Brostrom but told CNN that ‘two staff members were dismissed from UNAIDS after an independent investigation proved beyond reasonable doubt, that they had misused UNAIDS corporate funds and resources and had engaged in other misconduct, including sexual misconduct.’ ‘Any claims of retaliation are baseless and misleading,’ UNAIDS spokeswoman Sophie Barton-Knott told CNN…” (Krever, 12/17).

The Guardian: U.N. #MeToo whistleblower sacked for alleged sexual and financial misconduct
“…Brostrom denies the claims, adding: ‘My performance and professional integrity has never been questioned during my 14 years with UNAIDS, as [is] reflected in my performance appraisals.’ She added that she believes her dismissal is an act of ‘retaliation,’ and that she was not aware that she was subject to an investigation until she was contacted by the media this year. ‘I spoke up about what happened to me and what was happening in UNAIDS. As a consequence, I have suffered tremendously,’ Brostrom said in a statement…” (Ratcliffe/Beaumont, 12/16).