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UHC Targets Must Address Challenges Of Reaching LGBTI People, Other Key Populations

Huffington Post U.K.: Leave No-one Behind in the Post-2015 Health Agenda
Alvaro Bermejo, executive director of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance

“…We need to acknowledge that the current UHC target and indicators under the post-2015 goals are falling short of truly addressing the specific challenges and rights of LGBTI people and other key populations. A comprehensive approach to equity is key to the success of UHC, which goes beyond addressing inequalities related to income, expenditure or wealth, place of residence, and sex, and takes into account all factors of marginalization in UHC indicators and measurement. … UHC is one of the biggest promises to realize access to health care for all and an end to AIDS. We have a window of opportunity to ensure that every one of us receives the health care we need, wherever we are, whoever we are…” (5/18).