Addressing Challenge Of Food Waste Critical To Sustainable Development

Huffington Post: The Immorality of Food Waste
Vytenis Andriukaitis, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety

“…[Food waste] is indeed one of the most critical challenges facing the world over the coming decades. Despite dwindling resources, the erosion of soil, and the impact of climate change amongst other problems, we must be in a position to feed 10 billion people. This makes strengthening food sustainability, food security, and the nutrition potential of our food systems a matter of urgency. … Fighting food waste requires concrete action on the ground by all players. … [A] lot can be done if we take measures to clarify and — wherever possible — lift any barriers that prevent the safe use of food resources in the food and feed chains and will develop, in cooperation with [E.U.] Member States and stakeholders, guidelines to facilitate food donation in the E.U. … [W]e will continue raising awareness so that each of us becomes more responsible…” (6/9).