Uganda Launches PEPFAR-Supported Mobile Male Circumcision Clinic

U.S. Ambassador to Uganda Jerry Lanier on Friday in Kampala launched a Mobile Medical Male Circumcision clinic, a project of the PEPFAR-supported Makerere University Walter Reed Project (MUWRP), New Vision reports. Lanier said one of PEPFAR’s targets was to increase access to male circumcision in areas with high HIV prevalence and low circumcision rates. However, he cautioned circumcision, which is endorsed by the WHO as an HIV prevention strategy, simply lowers the risk of transmission but does not negate it, according to New Vision.

Speaking at the launch, MUWRP Country Program Director Monica Millard said the clinic had been field tested among fisherman and performed 200 circumcisions in two months, the newspaper adds (Ssemootuke, 5/15).