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Uganda Begins Vaccinating HCWs For Ebola Amid Fears Of Spread From DRC; Experts Call For Action From U.S.

CIDRAP News: DRC Ebola total grows by 2, health experts push for high-level support
“The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) [Friday] reported two new Ebola cases as Uganda announced plans to vaccinate health workers. In another development, two global health experts said urgent high-level support is needed to update the outbreak battle plan and quick action is needed to shore up U.S. leadership…” (Schnirring, 11/2).

Reuters: Uganda begins Ebola vaccinations amid Congo transmission fears
“Uganda says it will start to vaccinate some of its health workers against Ebola on Monday, amid fears that the viral hemorrhagic fever could spread from Democratic Republic of Congo which is battling an outbreak…” (Biryabarema, 11/2).

VOA News: Uganda to Deploy Ebola Vaccine to Health Workers on DRC Border
“…Uganda has no confirmed cases of Ebola, but as the threat worsens in the DRC, the preventive measure is seen as necessary because of heavy border traffic. More than 20,000 people cross from the DRC into Uganda and back every week, the ministry says…” (Athumani, 11/2).