U.S. Suspends $21M In Funding To Kenya’s Ministry Of Health Amid Corruption Allegations

BBC News: U.S. cuts Kenya health aid money over corruption allegations
“The U.S. has suspended $21m (£16m) of funding to Kenya’s ministry of health due to concerns over corruption and weak accounting procedures, the state department said. But this amounts to a ‘small portion of the overall U.S. health investment exceeding $650m annually,’ it added. In response, Kenya has said it is strengthening its auditing processes…” (5/9).

Reuters: U.S. suspends aid to Kenyan health ministry over corruption concerns
“…Support for HIV drugs and other health programs outside the ministry would continue, the embassy said, adding that the United States invests more than $650 million on health in Kenya annually. … The so-called Afya House scandal, named after the building housing the Ministry of Health, was based on an audit report leaked to Kenyan media in October. The audit showed the ministry could not account for 5 billion Kenyan shillings ($49 million) and funds meant for free maternity care had been diverted, newspapers reported…” (Houreld, 5/9).