U.S. Should Maintain Funding For HIV/AIDS, Examine Policies To Better Reach Key Populations

Dallas Morning News: America cannot let up in the fight against AIDS — and that includes Dallas
Editorial Board

“…Keeping the [HIV/AIDS] epidemic at bay requires constant funding and public health interventions, and research revealed at the [22nd International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam] has shown these systems are faltering. … Political commitment to fighting AIDS is critical to improving our uneven domestic progress against the disease, as well as bolstering global health capacity. The U.S. must maintain current funding levels — that’s the bare minimum. But to truly improve, we also must examine policies that will better reach at-risk groups and make treatments like [pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)] more affordable. … Global progress in eliminating HIV/AIDS is more than a public health statistic. It is a marker of our commitment to life, diplomacy, and political will. We are at a decision point in the epidemic. We hope America chooses well” (7/28).