U.S. ‘Should Lead The Way’ To Increase Quality, Quantity Of World’s Food Supply

Huffington Post: Stopping Malnutrition’s Assault on Our Health and Economy
Doug Bereuter, president emeritus of the Asia Foundation, and Dan Glickman, former secretary of agriculture, both co-chairs of a task force on food and nutrition launched by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs

“…It is time to use the biggest tool at our disposal — the multitrillion-dollar global agriculture and food sector — to increase the quality, not just the quantity, of our food and give billions more people access to the nutrients they need to thrive. A new Chicago Council on Global Affairs study says that the United States — with its world-renowned agrifood businesses and universities and the power of its assistance and example — should lead the way. … We can save lives and roll back the multitrillion-dollar burden to taxpayers and businesses caused by malnutrition by making more-healthful food available to more people. Leveraging the ingenuity of the food and farm sector is one of the most essential steps” (4/16).