U.S. Should Continue To Support Global Fund Efforts To End HIV, TB, Malaria

Houston Chronicle: Schubert: Global Fund is a worthy tool in fight against AIDS worldwide
David Schubert, member of RESULTS

“…The humanitarian reasons that governments worldwide should support the Global Fund are overwhelming. … The economic reasons for support also leave an impression. … In September, the Global Fund will convene a meeting asking its donors to renew their pledges. From the beginning of the Global Fund, the United States has been its leading donor. I urge readers to contact President Obama, both Texas U.S. senators, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, and their congressional representatives, reminding them that the Global Fund is not a Democratic or a Republican issue, but a human issue. Our country should continue to support the Global Fund now more than ever, as scientists see the possibility of ending AIDS, TB, and malaria if we act immediately…” (7/21).