U.S. Should Continue Strong Leadership Role In Support Of Global Fund

Deseret News: Guest opinion: Don’t slash the Global Fund
William E. Cosgrove, past president of the Utah Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

“…Every three years the donor nations meet to re-commit to supporting the Global Fund. This October there is another opportunity for the United States to again step up and continue to lead this effort with both financial and moral leadership. The Global Fund fulfills humanitarian goals, has efficient and transparent processes, helps strengthen a country’s own health infrastructure, protects local economies, and thus lessens the chances of regional conflicts. It has always had strong bipartisan support in Congress. This year that support in Washington is threatened. … What is now needed is the heroism to stand up to the administration and demand that the U.S. continue its strong leadership role in the fight against these diseases. … In the ongoing battle for survival between humans and microorganisms, the president, the secretary of state, and the world need to be told which side we are fighting for. … [The supply of lifesaving medicine provided through the Global Fund] depends upon our congressional leaders…” (5/25).