U.S. Should Make Funding Available For Abortions Among Women Raped In Conflict

The Hill: Stand with women and girls raped in conflict
Rev. Harry Knox, president and CEO of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, and Serra Sippel, president of the Center for Health and Gender Equity

“…The Helms amendment is a decades-old provision that each president since it was enacted, including Obama, has incorrectly interpreted as a ban on all funding for abortion overseas. … It does not prohibit funding when the life of the woman is in danger, or in cases of rape or incest. … Ultimately, politicians must act to repeal Helms altogether. Until then, the president can — and must — act to ensure women and girls raped in conflict have access to safe abortion wherever possible. … Leaders of many faiths are calling on Obama to act with compassion and use his executive authority to show that the policies of the United States reflect the compassion of our people; and we do so not in spite of our faith, but because of it…” (6/4).