U.S. Should Address FGM, Prioritize Women, Girls’ Rights

Forbes: Let’s Prioritize Protecting Girls
Carrie Lukas, managing director of the Independent Women’s Forum

“…We should call on American leaders to prioritize encouraging countries around the globe to recognize women’s human rights and make progress toward women’s full and equal participation in society. U.S. policy leaders should also double down on their commitment to ensuring that we don’t import some of the worst practices from overseas into our borders. … [T]here is evidence that some communities are seeking to continue their native-land’s tradition of [female genital mutilation (FGM)] here in America. … [T]he White House and Congress can further deter this practice by encouraging more attention to and study of this issue and developing best practices for prevention. The White House can take the lead by establishing a Task Force to Prevent FGM. … [This issue] demands our immediate attention so that we can make strides to encourage widespread recognition that women and girls deserve human rights and to be free from this kind of sexist violence…” (10/31).