U.S. Secretary Of State Tillerson Says State, USAID Overhaul Could Save Taxpayers Up To $10B; Full Plan Likely Not Available Until Year’s End

Foreign Policy: Tillerson Offers State Department Employees First Look at Redesign
“Secretary of State Rex Tillerson offered an initial glimpse into his plans to overhaul the department in an email sent to department employees on Wednesday evening, saying his proposal could save taxpayers some $5 to $10 billion in the next five years. … Tillerson emphasized work to better align the State Department’s and USAID’s missions and policies, but stopped short of saying he wanted to fold the aid agency into State entirely, a proposal that had been floated in months past…” (Gramer, 9/14).

New York Times: Diplomacy? Tillerson Says His Top Priority Is Efficiency
“…Members of Congress have complained that Mr. Tillerson has given them almost no details of his plans, and a spending blueprint passed last week by a crucial Senate committee largely rejected Mr. Tillerson’s proposed cuts, with a bipartisan group of senators saying that now was not the time to retreat from diplomacy. Mr. Tillerson must provide the White House with an outline of his redesign by Friday, although he has said that the full details will most likely not be available until the end of the year, with implementation beginning next year…” (Harris, 9/14).