U.S. Secretary Of State Tillerson Addresses Department During Town Hall Meeting, Outlines Future Plans Amidst Rumors Of His Departure

Washington Post: Tillerson moves to change the narrative about him and stop rumors of a ‘Rexit’
“Secretary of State Rex Tillerson isn’t acting like a man who’s planning to leave his job anytime soon. Speaking to State Department employees Tuesday in a town hall televised throughout the building and to U.S. missions around the world, Tillerson said he plans to travel to Canada next week and to Africa and Latin America early next year. He acknowledged widespread concern about a planned reorganization that has contributed to flagging morale and staff defections. … Over the next week, … he will meet with Capitol Hill committees dealing with foreign policy to explain his reorganization plans, about which lawmakers have complained that they are being kept in the dark…” (Morello, 12/12).