U.S. Secretary Of State Kerry Provides Strong Leadership Critical To Sustaining Global Health Progress

Huffington Post: The Next Phase of an American Legacy: John Kerry, Global Health, and Financing for Development
Deborah Derrick, president of Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

“…In highlighting U.S. [global health] impact, a common, rarely explored thread emerges: how John Kerry’s steadfast leadership and commitment to global health has significantly contributed to making this progress possible. … As Secretary of State, Kerry continues to stress the importance of global health efforts in American foreign policy. … We find ourselves at a crucial moment for global health as world leaders gather this week for [the Third International Conference for Financing and Development (FFD3)]. … Sustained, robust funding for global health from all countries will be essential to building on the momentum of past successes and defeating these global epidemics once and for all. Secretary Kerry’s efforts have helped define America as a global health leader. As we move forward at this critical moment in history, we look forward to joint efforts to ensure that these investments become an even broader and more compelling story to tell” (7/14).