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U.S. Retreat On Efforts To Address Global Health Security Leaves U.S., World At Greater Risk

The Lancet: False economy and global health security
Editorial Board

“…President Trump’s retreat on efforts to combat major global health security issues leaves the USA and the entire world at greater risk: his administration announced its intention to cut $252 million in funds already allocated to Ebola response initiatives, on the same day that the latest outbreak was declared. Trump is also poised to allow funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [to address global health security, as part of emergency funding Congress provided during the Ebola outbreak,] to lapse in 2019. … As Trump abandons long-held global health priorities, advocates in the White House, Tim Ziemer and Tom Bossert (who was developing a biosecurity strategy), have abruptly resigned, leaving a strategic vacuum in global health security — one that an increasingly belligerent and inward-looking U.S. administration seems uninterested in filling. … The need for robust responses to global health security dangers will not go away. We cannot afford to turn away from proven and effective responses in the name of false economy and blinkered nationalism” (5/19).