U.S. Policies Interfere With Women’s Access To Safe Abortions

GlobalPost: Unsafe abortions kill 47,000 worldwide as U.S. politics interfere with lifesaving efforts
John Seager, president and CEO of Population Connection

“…We need to give women everywhere access to voluntary family planning services. Allow me to state the obvious: Fewer unplanned and unwanted pregnancies mean fewer abortions. … Sadly, though, U.S. abortion politics interfere with these important life-saving efforts and, at times, contribute to the number of women overseas who are dying from abortions performed or facilitated illegally by unskilled providers. … It’s a tragedy that women and girls are dying by the tens of thousands because they haven’t been granted the right to undergo a medical procedure that should be both safe and available in every country across the globe. Let’s decide, together, to end the crisis of unsafe abortion around the world and commit ourselves to fight the proposals in Congress that intend to bring unsafe abortion back to the United States” (2/5).