U.S. Must Take Human Rights Obligations, Including Those On Reproductive Rights, Seriously, Legal Expert Writes In Opinion Piece

Ms. Magazine: The Persistent Danger of Trump’s Definition of ‘Unalienable Rights’
Elena Sarver, legal adviser at the Global Justice Center

“The State Department’s newly formed Unalienable Rights Commission held its third public meeting [Wednesday]. It’s been six months since the commission was first announced in July 2019 by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, but it’s important to not lose sight of the dangers this commission poses. … Given the commissioners’ views, … this commission is more than likely to continue the Trump administration’s assault on reproductive rights. To protect hard-fought gains securing abortion access as a human right, we must not lose sight of the commission’s dangerous intent and continue to push back. However, we must go beyond calling for the dissolution of the commission. The U.S. must take seriously and engage meaningfully with its own human rights obligations, which is something both conservative and liberal administrations have failed to do…” (12/11).