U.S. Must ‘Move Forward With Greater Commitment’ To Ensure Women’s, Girls’ Rights Worldwide

Huffington Post: The U.S. Steps Up for Women and Girls: Now What?
Serra Sippel, president of the Center for Health and Gender Equity

“…[The new report ‘Women’s Rights at Home and Abroad: A Call to Action’] — an initiative of the Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE) and the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights — examines gaps in the U.S. government’s implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. It also provides a roadmap for how the U.S. can further the advancement of women’s rights overseas and at home. … It can’t be denied that under President Obama, the U.S. has made significant strides in advancing gender equality … However, now is not the time to rest on past successes. Now is the time to move forward with greater commitment than ever to ensuring that women and girls — and their sexual and reproductive health and rights — are at the center of U.S. policies at home and abroad…” (10/1).